Cracking the GATE Exam is Easy now with simple tactics

Each exam will be difficult for you if not practical to study and not targeted. The hardness of a test depends on the preparation. Maintaining the correct concepts will help you to high grade in the GATE exam. So be focused and strengthen the concepts.

Time management is very important when preparing GATE. Regularity and concentration is the key to success in the door. Eight hours of planned study is a must. If you can study more than that, it is fine and good.

If your goal is just to qualify for the exam then you can afford to set aside certain sections and focus on the most important and still get enough points to qualify. Civil engineer in mathematics and general ability make up 30 percent of the brands and therefore are critical, but also score sections

Students should consider GATE negative marking for wrong answers. The penalty for an incorrect answer (for multiple choice questions) is a severe 33 percent and so one is obliged to answer questions carefully in order to maximize their marks. It is okay if you have missed a few questions but try wrong this could affect your GATE score.

GATE has a program for each flow mentioned in the official website of the door. Although it is based on the complete graduation program, but not all subjects and subjects are included. So no need to waste time on issues that are not important GATE

Success is a percent chance of eighty-nine percent sweating. Do not let this thing 99 percent of the hand. Work honestly and you will be rewarded with a percent chance.

Despite the lake aspiring implement and review, the actual competition is between 2000-3000 serious contenders only. Those who study systematically and constantly in service. If you do the same thing, you will be one of them. Do not be afraid even before you start. You have to get into the race and work hard to win.

The GATE exam is the same as any other consideration, so no need to take stress. It is enough to remain calm and firm in its abilities, especially in the examination room because anxiety and pressure can make forget all that has studies.


Exam is difficult in terms of relative performance. BCZ there are fewer seats in Mtech / PSU. Thus, the range should be exceptionally good for admission to IIT also higher than the best courses.

In the EC case before when UAR are not too / insignificant by the door. It is even difficult for the range below 100 for admission to the IIT. CDAI normally considered at this time, the top 20, the beach .. but now many more BCZ PSU range students choose.

I had shared this 3.4 times in Quora. With the difference of 0.01 points, no difference of 9 ranks this year in the case CE (Puerta 2016). And that becomes more when the range goes beyond 300500 e and so on.

Remember also 8-10 questions at once, then solving is a challenge

No use of Gate and CAT percentile. Range is what all candidates BCZ questions are more than 1.5 lakh for the main branches, so a 2000 ranking also has 98.667 percentile, but this beach is not useful for categry without reserve. Similarly, the 99.3 percentile for AIR 1000 which is again nothing

So all this makes the exam door is very competitive. Use Rank unless you get a higher course in the old IIT that is less than 250 for general. An error can make or 200, between 300.