Monsoon to arrive 2 days earlier, to hit Kerala by May 30, says Met; rainfall to be 96% of LPA

The monsoon may reach the coast of the state of Kerala by May 30, two days before the previous expectations, said the Indian Meteorological Department has given a new relief to the economy heavily dependent on agribusiness, as we had predicted That India would receive more rains this year than last year. Monsoon winds are expected to hit the coast of the southern state two days before the calendar, told Reuters citing an unidentified source in the department.
Earlier last week, the office said that India was going to receive a ‘normal’ monsoon and more rain this year than last year, as concerns about the El Niño weather condition declined.
Today, an ET meeting official said that this year’s monsoon rains would be 96% of the long-term average, reiterating the Ministry’s forecasts in April. The official also told the television channel that the monsoon would advance into the Andaman Sea in the next 48 hours. The Indian Meteorological Department establishes 96% -104% of the long-term mean as’ normal ‘, less than 96% below normal’ and less than 90% ‘poor’.
The department met expects that El Niño conditions remain neutral during the monsoon season and weaken in the second half of the monsoon, the official told ET Now. The department will meet to update its forecasts for the first week of June, he added.
Last month, however, the weather agency, a private weather forecasting agency, predicted an El Niño event – a phenomenon associated with warming Pacific waters – this year, which could have a negative impact on the monsoon During the last part of the monsoon period. Skymet, another private forecasting agency, had also predicted that the monsoon would be slightly lower than normal this year, and El Niño is considered the main cause of a weak monsoon forecast.