Monsoon to arrive 2 days earlier, to hit Kerala by May 30, says Met; rainfall to be 96% of LPA

The monsoon may reach the coast of the state of Kerala by May 30, two days before the previous expectations, said the Indian Meteorological Department has given a new relief to the economy heavily dependent on agribusiness, as we had predicted That India would receive more rains this year than last year. Monsoon winds are expected to hit the coast of the southern state two days before the calendar, told Reuters citing an unidentified source in the department.
Earlier last week, the office said that India was going to receive a ‘normal’ monsoon and more rain this year than last year, as concerns about the El Niño weather condition declined.
Today, an ET meeting official said that this year’s monsoon rains would be 96% of the long-term average, reiterating the Ministry’s forecasts in April. The official also told the television channel that the monsoon would advance into the Andaman Sea in the next 48 hours. The Indian Meteorological Department establishes 96% -104% of the long-term mean as’ normal ‘, less than 96% below normal’ and less than 90% ‘poor’.
The department met expects that El Niño conditions remain neutral during the monsoon season and weaken in the second half of the monsoon, the official told ET Now. The department will meet to update its forecasts for the first week of June, he added.
Last month, however, the weather agency, a private weather forecasting agency, predicted an El Niño event – a phenomenon associated with warming Pacific waters – this year, which could have a negative impact on the monsoon During the last part of the monsoon period. Skymet, another private forecasting agency, had also predicted that the monsoon would be slightly lower than normal this year, and El Niño is considered the main cause of a weak monsoon forecast.

Full text: USA is ‘primary partner’ for India’s transformation, says Modi in Washington

US President Donald Trump said India was now a “true friend” in the White House. The former Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump read short statements in the White House Rose Garden after having a personal meeting at the Oval House on Monday. In statements, Trump said that India now has a “true friend” in the White House, while Modi highlighted the US. As a “key partner” for the transformation of India. Full statements of the two leaders, as recorded by the White House, are as follows:

TRIUNFO PRESIDENT: Thank you. Modi’s Prime Minister, thank you for coming here today. It is a great honor to welcome the world’s largest democracy leader to the White House.

I have always had a great admiration for his country and its people, and a deep appreciation for its rich culture, heritage, and traditions. This summer, India will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its independence and on behalf of the United States, I congratulate the Indians of this magnificent milestone in the life of their very incredible nation.

During my campaign, he promised that, if elected, India would have a true friend in the White House. And now it’s exactly what you, a true friend. The friendship between the US And India is based on shared values, including our common commitment to democracy. Not many people know this, but the constitutions of the United States and India begin with the same three beautiful words: we the people.

The Prime Minister and I understand the crucial importance of these words, which helps form the basis of cooperation between our two countries. Relations between countries are stronger when they are dedicated to the interests of those we serve. And after our meetings today, I would say that the relationship between India and the United States has never been stronger, it has never been better.

I am proud to announce to the media, Americans, and Indians, that the Prime Minister of Modi and are world leaders in social networks – (laughs) – we believe – give citizens the opportunity of our country to listen directly to their Elected representatives and listen directly. I think it is very good in both cases.

I am delighted to welcome you, Indian Prime Minister Modi and for everything you do together. Their achievements were enormous. The economy of India is the fastest growing in the world. We hope that we will catch very soon in terms of percentage increase, I have to tell you. We are working on it.

In just two weeks, you will begin to apply the greatest tax review of your country’s history – we also do it by going for great opportunities for your citizens. You have a great vision to improve infrastructure and fight against government corruption, which remains a serious threat to democracy.

Together, our countries can help to chart an optimistic path in the future, which unleashes the power of new technologies, new infrastructure and the enthusiasm and excitement of working people very, very dynamic.

Deepika Padukone has NOT removed her RK tattoo, here’s proof!

The buzz around the RK tattoo Deepika Padukone does not seem to die. Advertising in Bangladesh recently a popular brand of soap has attracted everyone’s attention. The ad shows that Deepika conjures up a sari and, oddly enough, his infamous RK tattoo – framed in the neck – is nowhere. This has led to speculation as to whether the actor has finally removed the tattoo, which he did when actor Ranbir Kapoor won. However, the recent appearance of Metika Gala Deepika shows that the tattoo is very present in the same place. She even shared a photo on her Instagram page and wrote: “# metgala2017”. This means that the tattoo, which is invisible in the ad must be camouflaged with makeup. It is interesting to note that the tattoo was not visible in a soda. Actor Piku faced the tattoo RK Farhan Akhtar. Deepika was the hottest conversation in town when her relationship with Ranbir. However, for the most well-known reasons, both separated and separated somewhere and are now friends. While Ranbir started dating Katrina Kaif, Deepika has also found love in Ranveer Singh. While Ranbir Katrina has broken up with him a while ago, Deepika and Ranveer seem to still go strong. Meanwhile, the 31-year-old player currently voting to vote Padmavati Sanjay Leela Bhansali, will make an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival From May 17 The actor has clicked at Mumbai airport Sunday evening just before Take a flight to attend the festival. Not only fans, even fashion critics are delighted to see the Deepika red carpet when it debuted in Cannes.

China says Kailash Mansarovar Yatra suspended because of border standoff

Beijing has demanded the withdrawal of Indian troops have crossed the Sikkim section of the China-India border. China confirmed on Monday that its decision to suspend the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra through Nathu La is based on the dead-end border, Xinhua reported. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang demanded that India removes its border guards, which Beijing accuses Sikkim of crossing the border section between China and India.

The Chinese army Monday accused the Indian army of causing tension in the real control line by halting the construction of a highway in what claims to be China’s “sovereign territory” in the Sikkim region along the border between India and China.

Beijing has said that Indian troops had “obstructed the normal activities of the Chinese border forces in the Donglang region recently, and the Chinese side has taken counter-measures”.

“China is dedicated to the development of bilateral relations and firmly uphold its legitimate rights,” Beijing said. “China expects India to be half way, will do nothing to complicate border issues and jointly maintain the good momentum of relations.”

However, India has stated that a fight broke out between Indian Army personnel and the People’s Liberation Army during the first week of June, near the Lalten post in a region from Sikkim to La Doka, authorities in New Delhi. PLA soldiers have damaged more than two exchange bunkers on the Indian side.

Indian authorities said the clash could not be deactivated even after a meeting between the flag of the military high command on both sides. “There was a stampede and a struggle between rival troops. Our soldiers formed a human fence to deny the PLA troops to make further incursions,” said an official of The Times of India.

Similar clashes occurred in this area of Sikkim for 10 days. In November 2008, Chinese forces had destroyed the bunkers of the improvised Indian army in one place.

The Mansarovar Yatra, which was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sushma Swaraj June 11 was suspended on June 23 after China has responded to about 50 Indian pilgrims who would be allowed to enter it when weather and road conditions would improve. The pilgrims, who had to go to Tibet for the Nathu La Pass in Sikkim, had to return to Gangtok.

This year, seven batches of 50 pilgrims crossed each Tibet through Nathu La and 18 batches of 60 pilgrims were scheduled to meet Kailash through Lipu Lekh’s neck in Uttarakhand, Hindustan Times reported. The Nathu La route was inaugurated in June 2015. Managed by the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region by China, hiking time is reduced.

Not a masterstroke: BJP picked Kalam for president after 2002 riots, Kovind after attacks on Dalits

On 10 June 2002, the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced his decision to appoint scientist Abdul Kalam as presidential candidate. This surprised the opposition. The media acclaimed as if it were a master stroke, a descriptor that is now used to praise all the decisions made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Who could argue against Kalam’s election? It was already known as the rifle of India, had played a leading role in the nuclear test in 1998 and was a Muslim. One of India’s Muslim nationalist armed was not the person that Prime Minister Vajpayee needed to calm his ideological criticism.

The summer of 2002 was repeated in June 2017. Once again, the BJP threw the opposition into chaos with its election of Ram Nath Kovind as presidential candidate. Just as one can not oppose a Muslim nationalist can not criticize the election of a Dalit.

So what is a Dalit who was not well known for being on the street corners to demand, in a strident language, perpetually endings of atrocities perpetrated by members of the higher castes, for being punished; A Dalit who is not known to criticize the caste hierarchy of India and has not threatened to alter the balance of power in society?

One can only support a dalit, since you have a Muslim general or a defense scientist. If you do not, you have to be labeled as anti-Dalit, as Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has already warned those who would vote against Kovind. In this way, for once, ideology and identity became overlapping.

Kalam then Kovind now
The election of BJP Kalam in 2002 and now Kovind as presidential candidates share another similarity. In February-March 2002, Gujarat was the scene of a terrible pogrom which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 Muslims. Thousands of dozens of other properties were looted or burned. Many have been uprooted from their homes. This has fueled outrage outside of Gujarat. Anyway, Vajpayee was surprised by the degree of violence.

It is in this context that Kalam was chosen as the BJP candidate. Kalam was supposed to be a nail, so to speak, from collective conscience damage to India. For Muslims who demanded justice, their appointment is very little involved – after all, raising their account at a daily ceremony could not lessen the pain and fear they experienced in Gujarat.

Kalam, however, had a great symbolic significance for Hindus outraged by the failure of the state machinery in Gujarat. For them, Kalam’s election was a guarantee that Sangh Parivar did not completely hate Muslims, but was able to atone for the act of a grave injustice by giving honor to a worthy Muslims. He also strengthened his faith in the much vaunted Vajpayee liberalism.

Similarly, the bottom of the designation of Kovind is the growing boom of Dalit, India has witnessed in the last three years. By insisting that Rohith Vemula, Dalit students from the Central University of Hyderabad who committed suicide in January 2016, actually belonged to other castes back, the Dalit One whipping, in July 2016 for a dead cow skin; Vice President Uttar Pradesh BJP Dayashankar Singh, saying last year that Bahujan Party leader Samaj Mayawati was “worse than a prostitute,” the party that gave Swati Singh, Singh’s wife a ticket to Uttar Pradesh assembly elections , Including the then Ministry Adityanath in March – abounding cases of humiliating Dalit BJP.

The Daily Fix: India’s coasts are under threat – from its own governments

The Indian coast, which measures 7,516 km and the only coastal states receive about 560 million people, according to data from the 2011 census. Along the coast live several vulnerable communities that depend on the sea and the shore for their livelihood. The law also recognizes the traditional rights of the coast. Supported by order of the Supreme Court, environmentalists have succeeded in recent years, forcing the government to regulate the coast and to develop rules that, when applied in spirit, protect this ecosystem sensitive against development and degenerative damage.

But despite years of activism and judicial pronouncements, governments continue to act very opaque about coastal regulations. Central and state governments have resisted sharing information about important regulatory mechanisms and the changes that take them periodically. Many of these changes are made in direct contradiction with the original legislation and are in the form of condontion of unbridled construction and industrial violations of retrospective permits. In some cases, as in Tamil Nadu, the government in order to conceal crucial public opinion coastal plans in order to facilitate invasions in streams and estuaries. These invasions have been one of the reasons for the floods that hit Chennai in December 2015.

The effects of an operation of this type non-transparent could cause incalculable damage to the coast, as we have seen in the case of Pondicherry. A port project that was launched despite opposition in the 1980s has led to severe coastal erosion, Pondicherry’s famous beach completely disappear in a few years. Today, what was once a beautiful sandy beach was replaced by breakwaters to contain erosion.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Union is no better, if not worse, than the state governments. The Center has developed a new legal framework to protect the coast. Call for notification of the coastal zone control in 2017, which will replace the notification of coastal zone regulation 2011. Its contents have not been made publicly available. The wording has been made with the public consultation close to zero, even if it is about the lives of about 560 million people. Activists are still struggling to get the coordinates of the high tide Line, a key element in the implementation of the coastal regulation zone.

Although the government seems to believe that the denial of transparency could help achieve short-term economic benefits through the use of coastal resources, this only leads to long-term irreversible damage to India’s environmental interests. That is why the Supreme Court in 1995 stated:

“To tolerate violation of the laws [of the environment] is worse than not promulgating the legislation at all …. The continued tolerance of such violations of the law not only renders irrefutable legal provisions, but such tolerance by the authorities in charge Of law enforcement fosters illegality and means of adoption that can not or should not be tolerated in a civilized society. ”

India’s new littoral rules were promulgated in confidence and facilitated further commercialization.
The Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Union will not disclose the details of India’s high tide line, facing this important information as a business asset.
Vinita Govindarajan reports how Tamil Nadu concealed the crucial coastal plan to allow intrusion of a stream near Madras.

Cracking the GATE Exam is Easy now with simple tactics

Each exam will be difficult for you if not practical to study and not targeted. The hardness of a test depends on the preparation. Maintaining the correct concepts will help you to high grade in the GATE exam. So be focused and strengthen the concepts.

Time management is very important when preparing GATE. Regularity and concentration is the key to success in the door. Eight hours of planned study is a must. If you can study more than that, it is fine and good.

If your goal is just to qualify for the exam then you can afford to set aside certain sections and focus on the most important and still get enough points to qualify. Civil engineer in mathematics and general ability make up 30 percent of the brands and therefore are critical, but also score sections

Students should consider GATE negative marking for wrong answers. The penalty for an incorrect answer (for multiple choice questions) is a severe 33 percent and so one is obliged to answer questions carefully in order to maximize their marks. It is okay if you have missed a few questions but try wrong this could affect your GATE score.

GATE has a program for each flow mentioned in the official website of the door. Although it is based on the complete graduation program, but not all subjects and subjects are included. So no need to waste time on issues that are not important GATE

Success is a percent chance of eighty-nine percent sweating. Do not let this thing 99 percent of the hand. Work honestly and you will be rewarded with a percent chance.

Despite the lake aspiring implement and review, the actual competition is between 2000-3000 serious contenders only. Those who study systematically and constantly in service. If you do the same thing, you will be one of them. Do not be afraid even before you start. You have to get into the race and work hard to win.

The GATE exam is the same as any other consideration, so no need to take stress. It is enough to remain calm and firm in its abilities, especially in the examination room because anxiety and pressure can make forget all that has studies.


Exam is difficult in terms of relative performance. BCZ there are fewer seats in Mtech / PSU. Thus, the range should be exceptionally good for admission to IIT also higher than the best courses.

In the EC case before when UAR are not too / insignificant by the door. It is even difficult for the range below 100 for admission to the IIT. CDAI normally considered at this time, the top 20, the beach .. but now many more BCZ PSU range students choose.

I had shared this 3.4 times in Quora. With the difference of 0.01 points, no difference of 9 ranks this year in the case CE (Puerta 2016). And that becomes more when the range goes beyond 300500 e and so on.

Remember also 8-10 questions at once, then solving is a challenge

No use of Gate and CAT percentile. Range is what all candidates BCZ questions are more than 1.5 lakh for the main branches, so a 2000 ranking also has 98.667 percentile, but this beach is not useful for categry without reserve. Similarly, the 99.3 percentile for AIR 1000 which is again nothing

So all this makes the exam door is very competitive. Use Rank unless you get a higher course in the old IIT that is less than 250 for general. An error can make or 200, between 300.

Activist Nikhil Dey: To make RTI really effective, we need an accountability law for public servants

The right to information activist was convicted of a 19-year crime in Rajasthan last week.

For 30 years, social wrestler Nikhil Dey has been active in advocacy for the rights of workers, farmers and marginalized citizens. Through Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, Aruna Roy Dey and Shankar Singh and their colleagues have campaigned to introduce the Right to Information Act, the Right to Food Act and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

On 13 June, however, Dey was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment by a Rajasthan court in a 19-year case of alleged assault. In a verdict, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan calls a “miscarriage of justice,” district court Kishangarh sentenced Dey and four other activists for assaulting Pyarelal tank, ex sarpanch of Harmar Village and Ajmer family. They were also convicted of crimes.

Dey and Sangathan denied the charges. They told me that it was the Sarpanch and his relatives who had attacked Dey and other activists when they went to the house of the Tank May 6, 1998 by requesting documentation of panchayat from funds that had been paid to various public schemes. Although activists chose not to file a complaint to the police at the time, Tanque filed a lawsuit accusing them of assault. The case was closed a month later but reopened in 2001. Sangathan said sarpanch dragged the case over for years making a series of false witnesses.

The conviction last week was an unexpected and unpleasant surprise for Dey. For now, the belief is suspended as activists have appealed against it.

While Dey chose not to speak of the case and recorded his conviction, 54-year activist spoke of displacement. As for the state of the various social assistance programs in rural India, the democracy reduction of space under Narendra Modi and why India needs a law of responsibility of public officials.

For three years the Democratic National Alliance came to power. How was this system far from the previous government?
The social sector has become much less serious today. There is practically no imagination about how poverty, farmers, vulnerable groups can be treated. Before winning the election, the NDA has openly attacked rights-based approaches and, after winning, talked only about empowering people in the market. They said they did not want a benefit-based system for people – that was their approach, in their own words.

Today, its rural development programs have failed. The good thing is that they push the Aadhaar tuition (a unique biometric identity number based on 12-digit Government wants all citizens), who claim to have improved the provision of services. But in Rajasthan, the only state that has made biometrics mandatory for access to rations, we saw that 30% of the eligible population is not able to get cereals. This is a big exception, even if the Aadhaar inscription was a great success.

We also see the tragedy of SWACHH Bharat in the way it is implemented. In rural India, Rs 12,000 were offered to each household to build a toilet – too small even for the poor. In addition, states like Rajasthan lack toilet water.

Arun Kashalkar: Meet the Zen master of Hindustani classical music

If there was a nominee to war name Jeremy Corbyn in the world of Indian music, someone who could be described as “Mr. Zen of Indian music,” would be 74, Arun Kashalkar.

The similar change in Kashalkar monk behavior is, among other things, a consequence of the hard life of the hand that manages this exceptional musician – a hand that played with remarkable dignity and patience. Small society is expected for worldly rewards or recognition of its services to music. This, in turn, allows you to make music on your own terms, without the hinders of the way it will be received by the market.

Having known for two decades, I have observed the ease with which communicates with young people who, in turn, are attracted to his absolute but pleasant personality.

Artist Sarod Abhishek Borkar, 25, says this more. “Arun Kashalkarji was chief examiner on oral and practical Bachelor’s degree exams,” said M. Borkar. “I expressed a deep appreciation of my Yama raga performance in the final, but also grilled on the Puriya-Marwa-Sohini axis during the live report or exam.Although this question forced me to delve into the differences between these ragas, Arunji made sure not to impose myself, but instead he gently told me in the right direction. He has no air. ”

The singer Khayal singer Kedar Bodas, 54, agreed: “It is monitored the musical progression of musicians almost all young people who deserve to be heard and knows exactly what region a particular musician has to work more and share the comments of In an honest way, but loving and stimulating. ”
The promoters of Indian classical music often say that the race is too complex for the average viewer and should be diluted in digestible “capsules” to be enjoyed. However, such proposals are also trying to eliminate the key ingredient that holds any art form relevant to society – a sincere intention. People are curious about Indian music, but the art form is lacking in serious commitment. The exact reason for this qualitative decline lies in the fact that most major developers are content to flirt with the fleetingly temporary curiosity of the audience rather than working to establish a long-term relationship with a cultured audience.

“The broader trend of Hindu music today is avoidance by many musicians, especially the very famous to deepen the knowledge of the subject and create music that meets the aesthetic values ​​of this art form,” Weddings said.

The antidote may be to expose young people to Hindustan classical music in its purest form. Some get there, others do not. The reason rock music of the 1960s always finds listeners, is because their authenticity continues to hit the spot. This is exactly the same reason why Faiyaz Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan or Kesarbai Kerkar never register. When we look at the glamor and general void of many so-called hardcore, there are only a few dozen musicians who can participate in both the experienced rasika and new music, thanks to their artisanal mastery and content. Like sincerity of intention.

‘All my life I’ve had a vision of being a Formula 1 driver’: Arjun Maini’s dream is on track

28 and 26. That’s how many were former Formula 1 Indian drivers away – Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok in 2005 in 2010 – when they made their debut at the highest level.

But Arjun Maini, every 19 years, is already part of the Haas F1 team as a development pilot. For the young competitor, the dream is to be part of a Formula 1 team, a seat confirmed or not. And the Indian teen has already taken the initiative.

Even before he could get into the F1 paddock, Maini gave a comment about what he was capable of when he became the first Indian to win a GP3 race with Jenzer Motorsport in Barcelona days after his announcement.

“It was very good to show the Haas F1 team that I finished and I hope there are many more in the future,” Maini said in the field. “Karun Chandhok took me across the lawn after winning the race.Walking in the paddock as the winner of the race, even if it is not F1, it felt incredible.Everyone else on the team was happy and I would like to continue Offering, “he added.

The 19-year-old talent is determined to make the most of his initial advantage and learn everything – even radio talks.

“I have learned a lot of radio talk during the race and free circulation. Being close teaches you much more than you already know, so the experience itself is prepared for what could come in the future,” Maini said.
The victory in Barcelona, ​​days after an F1 contract is a good indication not only of Maini’s potential, but his ability to cope with the pressure. “My emotions were all over the place because you can not believe that he is already part of a supposed Formula One team, that he had to keep his head centered on the GP3 weekend as it is also very important.It was good, But it was also difficult to keep calm and think so much, “he said.

“Actually, he does not think about when he drives, everything happens so naturally, but it’s difficult to get into the area where it can be done at a very high level and this is what worries me the most, but I managed to do it” He said, while describing the roller coaster he experienced during this busy week in May.

When he talks about his work, it’s almost easy to forget that Maini is only 19 – still a teenager. He said he had never thought about what road car he was going to drive, but he knows what car he would run – red Ferrari, of course. He admits that sometimes it is difficult not to go out with friends or watching a movie or going out to eat, but at the same time he said that he is willing to make these sacrifices because he lives the life of his dreams.

Maini moved to Europe at the age of 14 and lived away from her family to England at age 16, without even knowing how to make a cup of tea. Today, he prefers to cook, even if he falls in India. When he talks about the hard work of the last three years, it is with a certain maturity that shows his age.

“It was difficult at the beginning, a learning process for the sake of race and the hope of doing Formula One one day. What was very important during this time was outside my comfort zone – [it is] more important than contractual “There are so many things that help him become the ultimate driver and discipline out of the way is one of them too,” Maini said. “At first, I was quite scared to move to Europe, but I got used to it, I started to cook and now I live alone and I have no problem with it.”