Not a masterstroke: BJP picked Kalam for president after 2002 riots, Kovind after attacks on Dalits

On 10 June 2002, the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced his decision to appoint scientist Abdul Kalam as presidential candidate. This surprised the opposition. The media acclaimed as if it were a master stroke, a descriptor that is now used to praise all the decisions made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Who could argue against Kalam’s election? It was already known as the rifle of India, had played a leading role in the nuclear test in 1998 and was a Muslim. One of India’s Muslim nationalist armed was not the person that Prime Minister Vajpayee needed to calm his ideological criticism.

The summer of 2002 was repeated in June 2017. Once again, the BJP threw the opposition into chaos with its election of Ram Nath Kovind as presidential candidate. Just as one can not oppose a Muslim nationalist can not criticize the election of a Dalit.

So what is a Dalit who was not well known for being on the street corners to demand, in a strident language, perpetually endings of atrocities perpetrated by members of the higher castes, for being punished; A Dalit who is not known to criticize the caste hierarchy of India and has not threatened to alter the balance of power in society?

One can only support a dalit, since you have a Muslim general or a defense scientist. If you do not, you have to be labeled as anti-Dalit, as Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has already warned those who would vote against Kovind. In this way, for once, ideology and identity became overlapping.

Kalam then Kovind now
The election of BJP Kalam in 2002 and now Kovind as presidential candidates share another similarity. In February-March 2002, Gujarat was the scene of a terrible pogrom which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 Muslims. Thousands of dozens of other properties were looted or burned. Many have been uprooted from their homes. This has fueled outrage outside of Gujarat. Anyway, Vajpayee was surprised by the degree of violence.

It is in this context that Kalam was chosen as the BJP candidate. Kalam was supposed to be a nail, so to speak, from collective conscience damage to India. For Muslims who demanded justice, their appointment is very little involved – after all, raising their account at a daily ceremony could not lessen the pain and fear they experienced in Gujarat.

Kalam, however, had a great symbolic significance for Hindus outraged by the failure of the state machinery in Gujarat. For them, Kalam’s election was a guarantee that Sangh Parivar did not completely hate Muslims, but was able to atone for the act of a grave injustice by giving honor to a worthy Muslims. He also strengthened his faith in the much vaunted Vajpayee liberalism.

Similarly, the bottom of the designation of Kovind is the growing boom of Dalit, India has witnessed in the last three years. By insisting that Rohith Vemula, Dalit students from the Central University of Hyderabad who committed suicide in January 2016, actually belonged to other castes back, the Dalit One whipping, in July 2016 for a dead cow skin; Vice President Uttar Pradesh BJP Dayashankar Singh, saying last year that Bahujan Party leader Samaj Mayawati was “worse than a prostitute,” the party that gave Swati Singh, Singh’s wife a ticket to Uttar Pradesh assembly elections , Including the then Ministry Adityanath in March – abounding cases of humiliating Dalit BJP.

Cracking the GATE Exam is Easy now with simple tactics

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The grand European Art Tour: How India’s faring in three of the world’s biggest art events

The most famous annual arts event in the world takes place every June in Basel, Switzerland. The most famous biannual program is set in Venice, Italy, in odd years. And the most prestigious exhibition of all, called Documenta (the small “d” is not a mistake), occurs once every five years in Kassel, Germany.

Once in 10 years, Art Basel, the Venice Biennale and the Documenta are at the same time, an alignment of the stars that makes a summer visit to Europe obligatory for those interested in contemporary art, provided When they have the means. 2017 is a year as I am the two boxes by the time I spent much of the last three weeks to see document 14, the 57th Venice Biennale and the 48th edition of Art Basel.

Adam Szymczyk, the Polish curator of this year’s Documenta, added a trick for the route by spreading his two-city program (instead of the stapler in Kassel). His job title, Learn Athens, tells you in which city he was united to our best places for our great tour. It was a city with which I had outstanding issues, I thought it would remain unresolved, because I had not liked the city on my first visit and I do not think I would stay again. But this is where our tour starts in 2017.

My first visit to Athens was in 2004, on the eve of the return of the Olympic Games in its original location. I thought I understood everything. The Greeks were reviewing the main sites for the Games, visiting earlier, we would like to know the restored sites without the crowds.

The National Archaeological Museum, for example, was open a month before the big event. However, when we arrived, it was well-gated. There was a bit of delay, we were told, but it was actually an opening in a week. I said, “I did not come to Athens to leave without seeing the gold mask of Agamemnon”, and we changed our reservations that we had one day in Athens at the end of our trip. And after the standard tour of Mykonos, Delos, Santorini and Crete, we returned to Athens and found the museum still closed. Almost done, it will be open in a week, they said.

Other highlights of Athens were in poor condition. The Parthenon was covered with scaffolding, the central square of Syntagma Athens was a huge confined tile site waiting to be asked, etc. When Greece entered a long recession four years later, I was sad, but hardly surprising.

In 2004, we paid 55 euros per night for a fairly large hotel room for us and our luggage fit. This time, thanks to the recession and the booming economy, the same amount that has allowed us to have an entire apartment with a dump outside. We were glad to see a Parthenon largely free of scaffolding and the wonderful new museum at the base of the Acropolis where the sculptures of the temple of Athena move.

The archaeological museum was open and its many interesting treasures. But the proof of the decade with nation-wide problems was palpable everywhere. It was obvious in some cases, to increase the number of beggars for example, but also in small things. One afternoon, I noticed a 30-year-old man learning to serve tables at the small restaurant where we had lunch. I noticed by the way he was doing that he was well educated and had started his career working on a white collar. So far, the poor boy was a servant without hope.

New workout suit by MIT breathes out body’s heat, sweat

New workout suit by MIT breathes out body’s heat, sweat

MIT scientists have designed an exercise suit with breathable ventilation valves that open and close in response to the heat and sweat of an athlete. These components, ranging from the thumbnail image to the size of the fingers align with the microbial cells that shrink and grow in response to changes in living moisture.
The cells act as sensors and small actuators, causing the fins to open when athlete sweat and retains when the body cools.
Researchers have also fabricated a running shoe with an inner layer similar to the flaps of the cells to get out of the air humidity and discharge. Moisture sensitive cells require no additional elements to detect and respond to moisture. The microbial cells they use have also been found to be safe to touch and even to consume.
In the study published in the journal Advances Science, researchers designed moisture-sensitive cells not only to pull open blinds, but also illuminated in response to moisture conditions.
“We can combine our cells with genetic tools to introduce other characteristics of these living cells,” said Wen Wang, a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientist in the United States.
“We use fluorescence as an example, which allows people to know it again in the dark. In the future, we can combine the aroma release capabilities through genetic engineering. So maybe after after having done The gym, the shirt can release a pleasant odor to the smell, “Wang said.
The researchers first worked with the most common non-pathogenic E. coli strain, which has been shown to swell and shrink in response to changes in moisture.
We then designed the cells to express the green fluorescent protein, which allows the cell to glow when it detects moisture conditions. It then uses a cell printing method that previously developed for E. coli printing on the rough and natural latex sheets.

The team printed parallel lines of E. coli cells on the latex sheets, creating two-layer structures and exposing the tissue to changing wet conditions.
When the tissue was placed on a heating plate for drying, the cells began to reduce, which caused the surface layer of latex to curl. When the tissue is then exposed to vapor, the cells began to glow and expand, causing the elasticity of the latex.
After undergoing 100 wet / dry cycles, Wang said that the fabric had “no dramatic deterioration” either in its cell layer or in its overall performance.
The researchers worked on bio-cloth in a portable garment design of a racing suit with latex fins stamped cells on the back of the suit lined up.
“People may think that heat and sweat are the same, but in fact, some areas like the lower spine produce a lot of sweat, but not a lot of heat,” said Yao Liner, a former student Graduated from MIT.

NASA names newly discovered organism after APJ Abdul Kalam

NASA names newly discovered organism after APJ Abdul Kalam

In the incredible news for India, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has decided to name a newly discovered body after one of the oldest ancient Indian presidents APJ Abdul Kalam.
The new body, a type of bacteria found on the International Space Station (ISS). NASA’s premier Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is working on the interplanetary voyage. The researchers discovered this new bacterium, which they called kalamii Solibacillus in honor of the late president of India, in the filters of the ISS.

APJ Abdul Kalam, himself an eminent aerospace scientist, had trained at NASA in 1963. This was before setting up the first kneading facility to launch in India at Thumba in Kerala. According to the Hindu, the principal investigator in biotechnology and global projection group at JPL, Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran said:

ISS had the insect filter discovered on board for 40 months. The filter in which it was found is the anti-particulate with high efficiency filter (HEPA) and is part of the routine cleaning system in the ISS. The analysis was then performed on the filter in the JPL and the results were published only this year in the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.

Venkateswaran mentions how bacteria and fungi coincide with station astronauts living and working at the ISS. He also said that even if bacteria has not been found on Earth, it can not be called an extraterrestrial life form. According to the Economic Times, he said,

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COVERSTORY BSNL/Bharti Reliance Tata Reliance Vodafone Idea Aircel Trik

more evolved for 4G, while Jio ini­tially took on 2,300 MHz. Only later did Jio apply and securel,800 MHz in the auction of February 2014 by paying Rs 11,100 crore as spectrum fees. In the auction this year in March, Jio secured spectrum in the 800 MHz band for another Rs 10,100 crore. The spectrum auction fees are not paid in one go, but is spread over the licence period. And yet, it is still a substantial cost to op­erators and the reason why their in­vestment in infrastructure is low.

Jio employees say they have been able to integrate the 1,800 MHz and 2,300 MHz bands for rolling out their services. Industry sources say this integration is not easy and is a technology challenge. Industry ob­servers say the company is still work­ing on the integration of800 MHz, while the 1,800 MHz and 2,300 MHz integration is complete. This means the rollout will not be a big one of both voice and data across the country. The first phase will be in those 13 circles in which Jio has both 1,800 MHz and 2,300 MHz. This will be followed later with a rollout in circles where Jio has just 800 MHz.

Data Is King

Jio may roll out over the coming years and cover 800 cit­ies, but it is not seen as a challenge for voice services. Its biggest advantage is that it is a data network and offers far superior speed than anything else (The Thrills of Speed).

Data revenues are growing fast for all the operators. In


Data revenues are growing fastforalloperators

fact, the smaller operators with lim­ited circles sell more data packages than voice. For instance, if you notice the advertising of Sistema Shyam Teleservices, which sells telecom ser­vices under the brand name MTS, you would think it is an Internet ser­vice provider, selling dongles. Simi­larly, Tata-DoCoMo also positioned itself as a data service provider. Air- tel’s data revenue as a percentage of total mobile revenue is in the range of 16 per cent to 17 per cent and growing much faster than its voice revenues. Every operator is witness­ing a similar growth in data volumes and revenues. This is the low hang­ing fruit that Jio is expected to capture by becoming the second SIM in existing handsets. Consumers may con­tinue to use voice with their existing providers, but for heavy data usage they will shift to a Jio SIM.

Which is why one of the first apps that Jio launched is a WhatsApp clone called, uninspiringly, Jio Chat. The app allows users to video chat, besides a few other bells and whistles. It may not have caught popular attention but it did trigger an action from operators, who first began fa­vouring some apps and choking bandwidth for others. While the issue was labelled as a Net Neutrality battle, it was really more of a peremptory strike by incumbents against Jio’s app-based strategy.

Jio’s strategy is not just about apps; it includes a combi­
nation of products and services. Jio Chat is an example of one such product, which can be downloaded on any phone and can work with any operator, though to realise its true potential you might need a second SIM card from Jio.

Breaking Out In Hotspots

A similar product is offering broadband wi-fi services in select locations. Jio has been studying user behaviour pat­terns in Ahmedabad by offering broadband wi-fi services in six-eight locations. These services are in malls and open public spaces. The company may offer more such hotspots to let people experience Jio services.

Wi-fi is an important area for all telecom operators. Vodafone, Airtel and even Idea seem to be developing hot­spots or working with wi-fi operators. Jio is using a blend of LTE and wi-fi networks to provide connectivity in select spots, but this will only proliferate. It is working with state governments and city authorities to provide wi-fi services, according to the Reliance Industries annual report for 2014-15.


RAMPING UP APPS        Another product that Jio is

Jio s WhatsApp clone, Jio planning to launch is My-fi, a Chat, triggered action       „              …             , . , , .

from rival operators               small credit card-sized device

that one can carry to create small wi-fi zones. This is a product for todays digital connected- everywhere generation. Jio officials confirm the device ex­ists and there are pictures of it floating online. The pricing for My-Fi is said to be Rs 1,800-2,000 but this is conjec­ture. Technically, people could use their existing phones combined with My-Fi to make voice or video calls, pro­vided the data charges are low; so low that users won’t think about their consumption patterns while using it.

High-speed broadband connectivity over fibre and wireless-to-home is another product that the company is developing, according to its annual report and other
sources. One of its breakthrough products uses a micro base station installed outside the home. This will provide a number of services. Technically, this base station can provide video content for IP-enabled TVs and of course, broadband into the house. This is expected to disrupt DTH service providers, who are the only HD quality TV services providers.

Jio has also developed a bigger version of its micro base station to service a whole colony. This unnamed station can also function as a wi-fi hub like the GBM towers. It is small enough to be placed on an electric pole and has been developed by Cisco under its small cell network. It covers a radius of50-60 metres.

Within its content services, Jio is also planning to launch a set-top box that can replace existing DTH boxes. With these, one can watch the past seven days of pro­gramming from the cloud. It also allows people to buy and download movies and keep them in the cloud to watch later. To make this possible the company has invested in a data centre to host these services. While the size and ca­pacity of the centres is not known, its existence gives Jio a big edge and pitches them against not just telecom opera­tors, but also digital services providers like Googles You­Tube or even Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger. Both these Internet companies are not able to offer high quality HD content as their data centres are outside the country.

The data centre is also important as Jio is offering VoLTE that perforce requires a telecom cloud. Sandeep Girotra of Nokia says, “For VoLTE to successfully take off in India, an underlying IMS (IP multimedia systems) net­work is a must. This also requires a gradual shift towards Telco Cloud, where many of the IMS infrastructure can be on a cloud platform, making it faster and easier for new applications like VoLTE to be deployed.”

As for Airtel’s plans to bundle content along with its 4G service, Srini Gopalan says: “Differentiating telecom ser­vices using content is old school. There are obvious limita­tion of both content and bandwidth here. There is a short­age of spectrum and till it is resolved it is not possible to realise the potential of mobile broadband.”

Airtel is not the only sceptic. Other companies like Vodafone and Idea are also not following a strategy to seed the market with both content and devices. Jio, as a pioneer, has to create the market and has no choice but to shoot the arrows and scare away competition. It is also hoping that the seeds it has been sowing for so long, will give it a rich harvest soon. ED

  1. Yatish Rajawat is a smiorjournalist based in Delhi

& @yatiskrajawat For more on telecom, visit

HE ROLLOUT OF RELIANCE JIO’S 4G SERVICE this time may cause ripples, but not waves or a tsunami as the entry of Reliance Infocomm had caused in 2001, supported by distortions in policy framework then. There have been massive expectations in the tele­com sector ever since Reliance Industries (RIL) acquired a majority stake in Infotel Broadband, which won pan-India broadband wireless access (BWA) licenses in the 2010 auction. The expectations have hinged on Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance’s re-entry into the telecom space through Reliance Jio Infocomm. The Reliance group’s foray into the mobile segment in 2001 via Reliance Infocomm had challenged and practically trans­formed the country’s telecom landscape through its market-disruptive strategies through blatant policy manipulations and large-scale operations. Back then, Reliance was instru­mental in introducing various offerings at dirt-cheap prices, which went on to revolution­ise wireless growth in India. The industry, experts and users are now expecting a very similar wave to sweep the broadband segment.

Coming to the positive side, Reliance Jio does have several inherent strengths as a com­pany. It always had the financial backing of RIL, one of the largest business entities in the country. Due to this, the company always had sizeable resources and in the past, it has been a market changer with disruptive marketing strategies. That is no longer a plus

point, when incumbents too are well entrenched, tech­nologically and financially. In the past three to four years, Reliance has managed to build up significant ca­pacity. It has a fairly large and geographically well- spread network and Reliance has always seemed to maintain cordial relations with top government offi­cials. Somehow, whenever someone decides to analyse its history, they realise that various policies were tweaked to favour them from time to time.

Reliance Jio aims to become India’s largest telecom player within three years of its service launch and to break even by the end of the third year of operations, many believe that Reliance Jio can change the pecking order in the world’s second-largest telecom market. But personally, we feel there are some major obstacles that Reliance Jio might be facing at the entry level. The po­tential challenges are very basic in nature, i.e. a weak device ecosystem, lack of backhaul network support and issues related to the low density of 4G networks. The al­ready saturated urban voice market and the incum­bents’ underutilised 3G networks will definitely pose challenges. Passive infrastructure sharing with existing incumbents will help Reliance Jio in the short-term only, but pan-India service strategy will require the es­tablishment of new towers and cables, leading to huge capital expenditures.

We believe that while the company may want to adopt the strategy of disruptive pricing again, the scenario has changed significantly over the past decade or so. Cus­tomers are more educated and spoilt now. They would need a strong reason to switch from one operator to an­other. Either the quality of service being offered by Reli­ance Jio has to be the key differentiator or the price strategy of the service has to be extremely attractive for majority Indians. However, this doesn’t seem to be an easy task in the ruthless telecom market that currently

It gives the fastest mobile Internet experience so far

A ground-based mast (GBM) tower design with­out back-up diesel generators. Incidentally, telecom is the third largest consumer of diesel in the country, thanks to a patchy power scenario.

Jio’s GBM design integrates a lithium-ion battery as a back-up inside the towers itself. The design was presented at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. It also takes much less space and offers better coverage. The tower can be set up on 4 square metres and connected by fibre. According to Jio officials, the competition did not make it easy for them to get access to towers, which had fi­bre connectivity. “Even in places that had towers with fi­bre connectivity, there were more than six operators on it. So we had to install our own towers in key high-density traffic areas,” says a Jio official.

“LTE operators have to deploy VoLTE as voice will remain ubiquitous and help save costs”


India head, Nokia Networks

Airtel is the only operator among the incumbents seri­ous about 4G implementation. It has already started roll­ing out services to pre-empt the Jio launch. Airtel’s strat­egy is to upgrade its existing 3G network to 4G, and it has

  • out of1,75,000 towers 3G-enabled. Srini Gopalan, head of consumer business at Airtel, says, “We will have 4G in 20 cities by 2016, and as we already have a 3G network we will use it as a fallback for voice for our 4G networks.”

The fallback for voice is another issue that has delayed the rollout of the Jio network. It’s really designed for data, not voice. 4G networks use a technology known as voice over LTE (VoLTE) for carrying voice. Sandeep Girotra, head of India, Nokia Networks, says LTE operators will have to deploy VoLTE as voice will remain ubiquitous and it will help save operating costs. Moreover, the voice and video experience is possible. So for voice, Jio has to add both infrastructure and data centres.

4G Handsets At Hand

For many years, 4G handsets haven’t been available in In­dia. It’s been a chicken-or-egg situation, with handset manufacturers waiting for some sign of life before launch­ing them in the country and cellular operators waiting for enough users to warrant moving up to faster connectivity. 4G handsets need to be configured for VoLTE and the eco­system for this is still evolving, but LTE-capable handsets are now being launched in almost every price segment, ex­cept the absolute bottom tier. Samsung and LG’s flagship phones, for example, are 4G-ready. These are, of course, expensive handsets. But down in the Rs 5,000 to Rs

  • segment, phones like the Redmi 2 are also simi­larly 4G-ready. All that is now needed is 4G networks, such as the one set in motion by Airtel.

Airtel is able to roll out services faster as it has the ad­vantage of working in the 1,800 MHz space, which is far


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Mind Machine is one such tool. Find out how thousands of students are using it to enter the learning state, wake up a little of their genius, and how you too can get the same benefits.

First, let me tell you

What is the
Learning State?

Can you think of a time or event in your life when “learning” something was very easy for you?

It could be to leam something in a book, to ride a bike, to play a game.

At such times, you know with certainty “you can do it” and “time passes quickly” and “there is no stress”.

So you study longer with better memory and sharper concentration, and remember more of what you leam.

That is being in a learning state.

And, being in such a wonderful state wakes up a little of genius inside you.

Why is “learning state” so important? Because the competition is so tough and it can help you get ahead of others.

Story of My Struggle:

From “Good Student” to Topper

Hello… my name is Raj Bapna. I was an engineer at Intel in California, and now live in Udaipur Rajasthan, where I was bom.

For years, I straggled as a student because I studied hard but not Smart.

It was not really my fault because teachers had never taught me any secrets.

I got good marks but nothing great up to class 10th which caused me to worry a lot about my future studies and career.

Then I discovered a secret of learning, and just one year later … I got 5th board rank, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank, studied at BITS and IIT, and worked Intel in California … but returned to India with excitement because my passion is to help students get success.

What is a Mind Machine

Journalists are among the first to get fascinated by the results and write articles.

Now, a rnhd machine J

to boost memory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mind Machines for Memory, Stress, Exams

Mind Machine is an electronic equipment and requires your MP3 player or iPod or PC or Mobile phone with mp3 player to work. It has hardware (Mind Machine CPU, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Headphone) and Programs.

It helps you in studying all subjects including science, arts, commerce, engineering, medical, law, languages, etc.

Get 3 Big Benefits

  • Enter the Learning State so you can study long hours with sharper concentration, better memory, to remember more of what you leam.
  • Exam Mastery programs your subconscious mind to empower you to write your exams confidently with speed and accuracy, and without stress or nervousness, so you can get the marks you deserve.
  • Stress-Buster for stress relief, deep sleep,


healing and peak performance, which are important because sometimes students study too much and become sleep-deprived, unmotivated, and frustrated.

You benefit immediately because there are no techniques to leam and practice, which is really good because there is so much to study and so little time.

Students Just Love It

Imagine a race where you are in a car and others are on cycles or on foot. Surely, you’ll win the race because of the unfair advantage.

Mind Machine is like a car in the race of success in competitive exams. It can help skyrocket your success.

A Billionaire-Neuroscientist
Loves It, Too

Dr Devang H Dattani, also known as Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji Dattani: After doing high school in Rajkot (Gujarat), he studied at top universities in USA, got PhD and worked at NASA.

An enlightened master, Dr Devang ji conductsmeditation camps and is now building a spiritual city called The Bliss City of 26900 acres (108.8 sq.Km) spanning 3 countries in Europe. He ordered our mind machine^ust out of curiosity. Initially, he was not impressed, but then he used it on his cat… he noticed it was dreaming as verified on EEG… see full story on website.

Scientifically PROVEN
Effective and SAFE

Only after it was proven effective and safe in 7 years of research by 5 PhD scholars with 120 students, the head recommended it:

“…Based on our use, research and experience with these mind machines and mind power music, we highly recommend use of Raj Bapna’s mind machines … for anyone including schools, colleges, coaching classes, libraries, teachers, and individual students and executives.”

Dr Vijaya Laxmi Chouhan, MA, PhD.

Head, Dept of Psychology ML Sukhadia University
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