Dalit meal row: BJP says allegations on Yeddyruppa ‘politically motivated’

Reducing allegations against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief BS Yeddyurappa to take breakfast offered at a nearby hotel in a Tumakuru Dalit home, the BJP, while defending its leader, said the allegations were purely political. “Congress and the JD (T) are losing ground in Karnataka, and to make up for it, they make accusations against Yeddyurappa. BJP leader, S Prakash, ANI says here. Due to the efforts of the former head of government in raising the socially backwards strata in the state, Prakash said the former has always propagated social harmony, rather than gaining support only as a means of “voting policy bank “. “During his tenure as CM Yeddyurappa he has put in place some 25 to 30 schemes for the well-being of castes and registered tribes, it is this popularity that is led by the opposition.” I am sure that the Dalit community is not well understood, “he added. During his visit in the Tumakuru district Friday, the former prime minister who was accompanied by other members of the group visited the residence of a Dalit family where he ate “idle” in a nearby hotel and not the food prepared by the family, inviting the Problems of promotion and the cast of untouchable discrimination. The creation of his act triggers negativity in the community, a young man from the family filed a complaint with the police.
In rejecting family-infringement claims, a spokesman for the BJP painted the allegations as a political movement, adding that those who raised the issue should apologise immediately to the family.
Yeddyurappa had received bullet-proofs in a similar situation early in Tumakuru, where it was photographed eating “unused flavour” among the Dalits to Gubbi.

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