Hassan Rouhani bullish after re-election: But does the President of Iran have any real powers?

However, he remains a member of the conservative Association of Clergy Combatants, although his position on demonstrators seems to have matured in recent years. Rouhani has always tried to rebuild relations with the United States and became the first Iranian leader to speak to his counterpart in Washington when Barack Obama phoned in September 2013.
It was never an illusion about the difficulties of the relationship, telling US journalists in 2002: “America is not willing to independent countries … America is interested in countries that go completely and act in accordance with the requirements of States United “.
It is therefore not surprising that the conservative establishment rooted in Iran – especially in the judiciary and the elite of the Revolutionary Guards – remains deeply suspicious of Rouhani’s involvement in civil liberties and the establishment of ties with West. “Unelected institutions try to prevent Rouhani from implementing its reform program,” said Clement Therme, an Iranian analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “Therefore, it will focus on the economic aspect. If the daily life of the population improves, it will be in a stronger position to push for structural reforms in civil rights.”
Fixing the economy will not be easy. Despite a nuclear deal with world powers, Washington still maintains a series of sanctions that scare global banks and foreign investors.
US President Donald Trump went further, threatening to break the nuclear deal and visit Iran’s ambitious regional rival Saudi Arabia this weekend, where he signed an 110 billion dollars in weapons to target qualified “evil Iranian influence” in the region.
However, the governments of Europe and Asia are determined to keep the nuclear agreement alive and make the most of the lucrative investment opportunities in Iran. They are encouraged by the victory of Rouhani hardly Ebrahim Raisi, who had threatened a tougher approach and more island foreign relations.
“Many investors who had heard for three months suddenly called me on the phone this morning. Some are already booking their tickets,” said Farid Tierramuerta, international adviser to the Organization of Iranian privatisation, after results have announced on Saturday. “Rouhani pursues more actively his economic program: investing in factories, production and absorption of foreign capital I think it will make his office more youthful and aged,” he said.

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