How to Enter the Learning State in 7 Minutes and Wake Up a Little of the Genius Inside You Simply By Changing Your Brainwaves

For Ambitious Students Preparing for Tough Exams

A unique way to study longer with better memory and sharper concentration, and to get more marks & higher rank in exams

(really important because rank/marks are crucial for your bright future)Why Studies and Exams

Why Studies and Exams

are So Hard in India
(And What You Can Do About It)

Competitive exams are extremely important in India because success or failure makes a big difference to the student and family.

So, families make big sacrifices.

And, students even feel forced to study hard because they may be responsible for creating family’s future, taking them out of hard times to better times, happiness, prestige, respect of others.

What can help?

  • Coaching helps but adds the need to spend extra time.
  • Any tools and techniques that can help you to relax, sleep better, study with sharper concentration and better memory, and study more in less time, can greatly increase success.

Mind Machine is one such tool. Find out how thousands of students are using it to enter the learning state, wake up a little of their genius, and how you too can get the same benefits.

First, let me tell you

What is the
Learning State?

Can you think of a time or event in your life when “learning” something was very easy for you?

It could be to leam something in a book, to ride a bike, to play a game.

At such times, you know with certainty “you can do it” and “time passes quickly” and “there is no stress”.

So you study longer with better memory and sharper concentration, and remember more of what you leam.

That is being in a learning state.

And, being in such a wonderful state wakes up a little of genius inside you.

Why is “learning state” so important? Because the competition is so tough and it can help you get ahead of others.

Story of My Struggle:

From “Good Student” to Topper

Hello… my name is Raj Bapna. I was an engineer at Intel in California, and now live in Udaipur Rajasthan, where I was bom.

For years, I straggled as a student because I studied hard but not Smart.

It was not really my fault because teachers had never taught me any secrets.

I got good marks but nothing great up to class 10th which caused me to worry a lot about my future studies and career.

Then I discovered a secret of learning, and just one year later … I got 5th board rank, NTSE (NCERT) scholarship, and IITJEE 1102 rank, studied at BITS and IIT, and worked Intel in California … but returned to India with excitement because my passion is to help students get success.

What is a Mind Machine

Journalists are among the first to get fascinated by the results and write articles.

Now, a rnhd machine J

to boost memory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mind Machines for Memory, Stress, Exams

Mind Machine is an electronic equipment and requires your MP3 player or iPod or PC or Mobile phone with mp3 player to work. It has hardware (Mind Machine CPU, Brain Booster Mind Glasses, Headphone) and Programs.

It helps you in studying all subjects including science, arts, commerce, engineering, medical, law, languages, etc.

Get 3 Big Benefits

  • Enter the Learning State so you can study long hours with sharper concentration, better memory, to remember more of what you leam.
  • Exam Mastery programs your subconscious mind to empower you to write your exams confidently with speed and accuracy, and without stress or nervousness, so you can get the marks you deserve.
  • Stress-Buster for stress relief, deep sleep,


healing and peak performance, which are important because sometimes students study too much and become sleep-deprived, unmotivated, and frustrated.

You benefit immediately because there are no techniques to leam and practice, which is really good because there is so much to study and so little time.

Students Just Love It

Imagine a race where you are in a car and others are on cycles or on foot. Surely, you’ll win the race because of the unfair advantage.

Mind Machine is like a car in the race of success in competitive exams. It can help skyrocket your success.

A Billionaire-Neuroscientist
Loves It, Too

Dr Devang H Dattani, also known as Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Devang ji Dattani: After doing high school in Rajkot (Gujarat), he studied at top universities in USA, got PhD and worked at NASA.

An enlightened master, Dr Devang ji conductsmeditation camps and is now building a spiritual city called The Bliss City of 26900 acres (108.8 sq.Km) spanning 3 countries in Europe. He ordered our mind machine^ust out of curiosity. Initially, he was not impressed, but then he used it on his cat… he noticed it was dreaming as verified on EEG… see full story on website.

Scientifically PROVEN
Effective and SAFE

Only after it was proven effective and safe in 7 years of research by 5 PhD scholars with 120 students, the head recommended it:

“…Based on our use, research and experience with these mind machines and mind power music, we highly recommend use of Raj Bapna’s mind machines … for anyone including schools, colleges, coaching classes, libraries, teachers, and individual students and executives.”

Dr Vijaya Laxmi Chouhan, MA, PhD.

Head, Dept of Psychology ML Sukhadia University
For 7-Day Trial offer, visit:

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