‘All my life I’ve had a vision of being a Formula 1 driver’: Arjun Maini’s dream is on track

28 and 26. That’s how many were former Formula 1 Indian drivers away – Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok in 2005 in 2010 – when they made their debut at the highest level.

But Arjun Maini, every 19 years, is already part of the Haas F1 team as a development pilot. For the young competitor, the dream is to be part of a Formula 1 team, a seat confirmed or not. And the Indian teen has already taken the initiative.

Even before he could get into the F1 paddock, Maini gave a comment about what he was capable of when he became the first Indian to win a GP3 race with Jenzer Motorsport in Barcelona days after his announcement.

“It was very good to show the Haas F1 team that I finished and I hope there are many more in the future,” Maini said in the field. “Karun Chandhok took me across the lawn after winning the race.Walking in the paddock as the winner of the race, even if it is not F1, it felt incredible.Everyone else on the team was happy and I would like to continue Offering, “he added.

The 19-year-old talent is determined to make the most of his initial advantage and learn everything – even radio talks.

“I have learned a lot of radio talk during the race and free circulation. Being close teaches you much more than you already know, so the experience itself is prepared for what could come in the future,” Maini said.
The victory in Barcelona, ​​days after an F1 contract is a good indication not only of Maini’s potential, but his ability to cope with the pressure. “My emotions were all over the place because you can not believe that he is already part of a supposed Formula One team, that he had to keep his head centered on the GP3 weekend as it is also very important.It was good, But it was also difficult to keep calm and think so much, “he said.

“Actually, he does not think about when he drives, everything happens so naturally, but it’s difficult to get into the area where it can be done at a very high level and this is what worries me the most, but I managed to do it” He said, while describing the roller coaster he experienced during this busy week in May.

When he talks about his work, it’s almost easy to forget that Maini is only 19 – still a teenager. He said he had never thought about what road car he was going to drive, but he knows what car he would run – red Ferrari, of course. He admits that sometimes it is difficult not to go out with friends or watching a movie or going out to eat, but at the same time he said that he is willing to make these sacrifices because he lives the life of his dreams.

Maini moved to Europe at the age of 14 and lived away from her family to England at age 16, without even knowing how to make a cup of tea. Today, he prefers to cook, even if he falls in India. When he talks about the hard work of the last three years, it is with a certain maturity that shows his age.

“It was difficult at the beginning, a learning process for the sake of race and the hope of doing Formula One one day. What was very important during this time was outside my comfort zone – [it is] more important than contractual “There are so many things that help him become the ultimate driver and discipline out of the way is one of them too,” Maini said. “At first, I was quite scared to move to Europe, but I got used to it, I started to cook and now I live alone and I have no problem with it.”

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