North Korea Declares Medium-Range Missile Ready For Deployment

North Korea announced Monday that its Pukguksong-2 missile in the medium term was ready to be deployed after a week of final testing, the latest step in its quest to challenge UN sanctions and develop an intercontinental rocket capable of striking Objectives of the United States.
Korea’s Central News Agency, led by the state, said North leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw Sunday’s launch, prompting a new international chorus of condemnation and tougher sanctions threats.
The missile tested was Pukguksong-2, which uses a solid fuel that allows immediate firing, KCNA said.
So far, almost all of the North’s missiles have been supplied with liquid, which must be carefully filled with the propellant prior to launch, while solid fuel missiles can be fired much faster.
This would significantly reduce the time available for any attempt to intervene and prevent launch, which would require a much faster decision.
Military authorities in Seoul have said that the Pukguksong-2 – a ground version of the gun launched by a Pyongyang submarine – uses solid fuel.
Kim said “proud” that Pukguksong-2 was a “very accurate” missile and a “successful strategic weapon,” KCNA said, adding that it “approved the deployment of this weapons-for-action system.”
The launch “has completely verified” the reliability and accuracy of the device, and its end-of-war head guide system, KCNA said, adding that test results were “perfect.”
The images made by Rodong Sinmun – the official spokesman for the leader of the Korean Workers Party – showed Kim cheering applause surrounded by his helpers at an outdoor observation post while the missile jumped into the air.
He also had several Earth images that were removed from the rocket in space – the first images released by the North.
Kim “said he was very happy to see images of Earth taken by our rocket and that the world is beautiful,” said KCNA, adding that ordered the missile is “mass produced quickly.”

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