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Had doubts whether it will work for me or not

Arjun KP

12th Standard CBSE Kannur, Kerala

Before ordering I had doubts whether it will work for me or not. I had purchased your book Raj Bapna’s Mind Power Study Techniques last year and I found it very helpful during studies especially the Topper’s Daily Routine. So I wanted to buy Mind machine too… I decided to take a risk. Also considering CBSE 12th syllabus I felt that Mind machine may help me. And hence I decided to Order it on Onam Holidays(Festival of Kerala).

I had problems on memorising some Topics in Physics and Maths. I also had problems on concentrating after long hours of study. Because of this I couldn’t study for long hours. I also wished to improve my total personality & be relaxed. In addition I had exam fear so I try to make sure that I didn’t leave out anything & even then I will not be satisfied.The difficulty of the syllabus made it worse & I then decided that I should buy the Mind machine.

I got the Mind machine 2 weeks before. I opened the packing in the evening & since I was tired after class (from 9.30am till 5.00pm) I decided to use Awake & Energise program. Within 5 Minutes I was very energised. Next day evening I used ALEM 201 before studies,& I decided to study. You may not believe it, but the chapter which I studied (Current Electricity) is still in my mind! And then I understood the power of Mind machine. As my 1st term exams are going on now I use ALEM201 for studying & ALEM205 (Exam Preparation) when I go to sleep. The meditation programs & Om, Namokar are also very relaxing. Now I feel that my study time is the best time. Mind machine will help me prepare for AISSCE 2016 Thank you for creating such a masterpiece!

Of course I will recommend it to students. It is not Mind machine, it is Success Machine. Since it is a new technology, people may have doubts like I had. But it is real. It does change the
brainwaves into the desired frequency. I recommend all students to use it & feel the benefits themselves.

Repeat buyer…

—————  Kunal Vaidva

Software Engineer Bangalore, Karnataka

As a repeat buyer of the mind machine, I did not have any doubts of the machine itself. Also, I know the eCommerce is really reliable these days so online payment is a convenient way to pay… me and a friend were discussing about “Study technique” book we used in our childhood and I just searched online and found the site, once that was done I purchased the new machine within a week.

One of the main issue that I had and which most people have nowadays is the stress and lack of relaxation, there is always something wanting our attention from family, work issues, to constant buzzing of the phone, we don’t have the opportunity to turn off and concentrate on ourself and think about our problems clearly.

After I got my stipends during internship, I started to make a plan for it…

 Subrata Rov MBBS, 2015 Kolkata, WB

Well, I ordered Mind power study technique book 6yrs back while preparing for joint

entrance, I came to know about mind machines back then from the book but I could not afford it back then. After I got my stipends during internship, I started to make a plan for it & ultimately bought it 6 months back!!

I read about the machine, that it could relax one within 15-30 minutes. My duty schedule was going heavy. I wanted to relax quickly & thought that mind machine could serve my purpose. So I ordered it. And also I wanted to study in the active learning state to get maximum benefit.

Ok, after buying I first gone through the user guide so that I can use it to fullest
benefit. During my exhaustive schedule of internship, I used few of meditation programme along with ALEM 203-205 to have deep relaxation & good sleep. The machine helped me a lot to achieve that.Now,I also use Alem 201 & 202 before starting my reading to achieve the learning state while preparing for post graduate medical entrance.

[Would I recommend it?] Yes, very much, for the students who always .want to use their ability of doing anything to then- highest limit. Mind machine is really one of its kind. Indian students can easily get benefited with the use of this new scientific technology. Sideways I would also recommend highly to use Mind Power Study Technique book, as I got immense help during H.S & in medical school period.

First I was having doubt whether to buy the mind machine or not…

Mohammad Javed Khan Pre Medical Student Rampur, Maharastra

First I was having doubt whether to buy the mind machine or not, but when I read about it then I felt I need it to improve my concentration and to improve my marks. I took 2 months to decide. Then I saved my pocket money and bought it.

I was unable to concentrate much on studies, and use to get get diverted very fast. Because of it I was getting less marks and I was also having negative attitude.

By using mind [machine], my problems regarding concentration, studies were solved, my attitude also improved.

It is very good instrument for students who are preparing mainly for competitive exam, it gives you an extra edge in exam.

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